The Website Installer positioned in the DuoServer.US Hosting Control Panel will give you a fast and easy method to start a fresh website using a custom design in under 5 minutes. All it takes is only 4 simple steps for your brand new website to be online. You’re able to select from more than 200 available web themes and when it’s all set, you are able to handle your new website very easily. We are going to send to you logon data for the management area and you will be able to commence putting in completely new website pages in an instant. If perhaps, anytime, you need further instructions – the technical team members are readily available 24 hours, all set to help you.

The Website Installer can be found each shared web hosting plans bundle coming when using the DuoServer.US Hosting Control Panel.

A Website Installation Tool For Everybody

Build a brand new website without having any specialized expertise

The webpage installation tool bridges the space between technically inexperienced end users and sophisticated web site production and layout. While using the application, you won’t need to need to have any experience in HTML or CSS. You’ll just need to select how your website will look like and hit the Install button of the application. That is everything. From then on, you are able to incorporate new pages and publish your own pics with just a click. No code to create, no layout to build up. Everything is handled through the intuitive application in the background and is done in a few minutes.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with what you have done, you can always reverse the adjustments and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Web Themes At Hand

Set up your brand new website with just a click

To assist you to get your web site on the Internet as quickly as possible, we’ve created a number of website themes from which to choose. According to the purpose of your web site, you will find a wonderful template for your blog or web gallery as well as the perfect design for your personal portfolio. All design themes are available for completely free use in your own Hosting Control Panel. We have been working hard to construct unique web templates in accordance with the most recent design and style trends so as to supply you with a better option for your own websites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Support

DuoServer.US’s tech representatives are at your convenience night and day

DuoServer.US’s tech support team features experts that have worked many years in the website hosting business. They’re taught to take care of all sorts of challenges and can be found 24x7, happy to assist you. In addition to that, we also have Commonly Asked Questions and plenty of how–to video tutorials.

Plus, you will find a one–hour reply–back time frame guarantee, meaning that you will receive a response to your question right away. The standard reply–back time period is within twenty min’s.

24/7 Support